SSD VPS 25% lifetime off

Use LET25VRT coupon at checkout and receive 25% lifetime discount (available on upgrades also). This coupon is available for all products on, and not just these offers posted here!

You can also order multiple IPv4 addresses at cheap prices.

Payment Options: PayPal, online Credit Card, Skrill, Bitcoin (Bitpay), Bank Wire Transfer

2 Server Location : Romania ** and **Germany.

Shocking fast and affordable SSD VPS Hosting

We provide SSD speed, large disk space and low prices. We are using only Solid State Drives (SSD) for storage which makes the virtual server to get much higher performance in terms of I/O operations and transfer speed compared to traditional storage. The virtualization type is OVZ.

** OpenVZ SSD VPS Plans @**

Starter VPS – €2/month ( €1.5/month with coupon “LET25VRT” ) 2 Core Processor 20GB Solid State Drive 256MB Memory 512 MB RAM burst 100% SSD Unlimited Bandwidth

Basic VPS – €4/month ( €3/month with coupon “LET25VRT” ) 2 Core Processor 40GB Solid State Drive 512MB Memory 1024MB RAM burst 100% SSD Unlimited Bandwidth

Advanced VPS – €8/month ( €6/month with coupon “LET25VRT” ) 4 Core Processor 60GB Solid State Drive 1GB Memory 2GB RAM burst 100% SSD Unlimited Bandwidth

OpenVZ SSD VPS Plans @

Get all the benefits of a dedicated server at the price of a vps

What is a VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) ? The VDS is a virtual server with dedicated hardware resources and kernel and has private virtualized hardware: a network card, disk, graphics adapter,etc. It appears and behaves as a dedicated server but actually is installed on a cluster serving multiple virtual machines.

It’s the perfect alternative to be chosen by small businesses that need a customized website but cannot afford a dedicated server. For example a website owner might use one server for the production-level website and the other for a “dummy site” that can be used to test planned updates, modifications or new programs

We use only ssd storage and KVM virtualization tehnology on powerfull nodes, so the performance of the vds is highly improved on each and every aspect.

All Pure SSD KVM VDS plans @ Starter – €5/month ( €3.75/month with coupon “LET25VRT” ) 1 Core Processor 512MB Memory 20GB SSD Disk Unlimited Bandwidth

All Pure SSD KVM VDS plans @

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