Cheap VPS [64MB/5GB/1IPv4/250GB] at $1.99 a year

I wanted to share an offer I got from FreeVPS, this is a brand of and is offering cheap VPS’es.


I’d already got one [64/2GB/1IPv4/250GB] from them on the 28th of February 2016 at $2.99 a year and one [64MB RAM/5GB DISK/1IPv4/250GB] at 28th of April 2016 at $1.99 a year in my LEB bag. I asked for rDNS options in my CP and that was fixed on both within a few hours.

The fine print with the $1.99 a year VPS is that you pay for OS reinstalls, so keep that in mind.

Order link (make sure you change the contract period to see the offered prices.)

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